Tagged Questions!

1. Current Favorite Fandom: TMNT  (if it wasn’t obvious)

2.If someone made your life into a movie, name 3 songs that would be in the soundtrack: OH MY…hm…”Go the Distance”, “Temple of Thought”, “Little Wonders”

3. Link your favorite piece of fanart or fanfic here: Hm…OH-! For all you TMNT lovers, one of my favorites (which is actually pretty popular but if you guys haven’t read) Murphy’s Law! IT. IS. SO. GOOD. AH. 

4. Most embarrassing moment in real life: Oh gosh…OH-! When I was a sophmore in highschool, my shoe fell off during my school’s play and it legit sat there. THE. ENTIRE. SCENE. And I had to go back out there shoeless. Everyone laughed at me- including my boyfriend at the time who was sitting front row- and I just wanted to cry… FUN. -.-

5. If you didn’t have your current job, what would you be doing?: Hm! Well, I guess in my case, if I wasn’t studying to be a family therapist… I kinda wanna pursue being a voice actor! OR just working in an animation studio! 

6. Chocolate or not a chocolate type of person? If not, what do you prefer?: I love Vanilla the best-! But I do like chocolate, but not as much as vanilla! Haha!

7. Who is your favorite artist and why?: Probably Daughtry. All his songs just…UGH. I CAN RELATE AND FEEL. But right now it’s Poets of the Fall- THEIR SONGS ARE JUST AH- OAIERJGAIRGJAEG. It’s hard…

8. Who is your favorite writer and why?: Jodi Picoult! TWO WORDS- Nineteen Minutes. 

9. Second Favorite Fandom: DO VIDEO GAMES COUNT-? Besides TMNT being my number one, Mass Effect always has my heart!

10. Name your best quality (personal/physical/whatever you like): I guess….well…hm…my personality? I guess? 

11. What’s one quality  that you would like to work on?: Standing up for myself…


1) If you had to go back in time, or take a glimpse of the future- would you? Why or why not?:

2) Thoughts on any baby names? Girl and/or boy?: 

3) If given a billion dollars, what would you spend it on?:

4) If you had one hour left to live, what would you do?:

5) If you could change your biggest regret, would you do it?:

6) If your life became a movie, which actor/actress would portray you? Your lover? Your friends?: 

7) What band would you love to see live?

8) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?:

9) When you feel sad, what do you do to cheer up?:

10) What song describes your mood now?:



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